TV output options ?

Lukasz Ciazynski lciazyns at
Mon Apr 14 08:50:01 PDT 2003

Toerless Eckert wrote:

>What hardware options are there with FreeBSD for a TV output
>(composite/SVideo) that would work with DVD playback ?
>Browsing the mailing list it seems as if the Matrox G400 would
>be an option. I have not found others. it does not necessarily have
>to be a video output on a VGA card.
>Any reports of successfull experiences or pointers to helpfull URLs welcome.
>    Toerless
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Any nvidia running freebsd nvidia driver should work just fine. I 
haven't tried on mine yet, but nvidia's faq page claims it works:-) Here 
is a link to unofficial nvidia tvout info:
It's for X running on Linux but the config is the same. I've got the 
twinview to two crt screens running, and it's awesome.


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