HP Colorado 5gb and mt

James Long list at museum.rain.com
Sun Apr 13 14:27:07 PDT 2003

On Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 01:43:35PM -0700, Joshua Lokken wrote:
> The backup continues, and finishes, reporting success, and flexbackup
> properly stores the index of the backup, however, when I examine the
> tape with :
> #mt fsf 1    (for example)
> the tape activity is there, and I receive no errors.  The tape
> has no index and apparently backs up each dir to the beginning 
> chunk of tape, and overwrites it with the next dir!  That is not
> what I want.

I've never used flexbackup, so I can't help with the blocksize error,
but the symptom above suggest that you may want to test with the device
set to /dev/nast0.   I also use SCSI tape instead of ATAPI, but I presume
the /dev/nast0 device would be the same as /dev/ast0 except that /dev/ast0
will rewind the tape when the device is closed.  If, perchance, flexbackup
is closing the device when it finishes backing up one directory heirarchy,
the /dev/ast0 device will do a rewind upon receiving that close command,
and lo and behold, your second backup job will overwrite the first, and
the third will overwrite the second, etc.  This is conjecture, but it
seems to match your symptoms on this issue.

Since you are still playing at this point, try playing some more using

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