HP Colorado 5gb and mt

Joshua Lokken joshualokken at attbi.com
Sun Apr 13 13:42:58 PDT 2003


I am new to tape machines.  I was given an HP Colorado 5gb that
[for the most part] works.  I recompiled the kernel on 4.8-stable

device atapist		# ATAPI tape drives

and rebooted.  The kernel recognized my drive.  I didn't know
how to communicate with it, so I read the man pages for dump and 
restore.  From there I found the mt man page and read that.  Next
I went to ports/sysutils and looked for backup software.  I chose
to try flexbackup.  Edited the configuration--added /dev/ast0 and
the dirs I wanted to backup: /etc /home /usr/local/etc for starters
(I'm still playing at this point).  Flexbackup does its job, the 
backup completes and reports success, however, each time I issue
the 'flexbackup -fs all' command, I receive the following error:

mt: /dev/ast0: blocksize: Invalid argument.

The backup continues, and finishes, reporting success, and flexbackup
properly stores the index of the backup, however, when I examine the
tape with :

#mt fsf 1    (for example)

the tape activity is there, and I receive no errors.  The tape
has no index and apparently backs up each dir to the beginning 
chunk of tape, and overwrites it with the next dir!  That is not
what I want.  I have searched freebsd.org and the mailing list 
archives, turning up two (unanswered) questions about this drive,
but none specifically pertaining to this problem.  I am willing
to admit that I may just not know what I'm doing here... Can 
anyone offer some advice?  Thanks, everyone.



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