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/usr/ports is your friend.

So aer newlines. Your mail would have been easier to read and reply to
if you'd put in a few

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> When I say console programs I mean applications like 
> word processors

Hard to do a real word processors in a console. There are lots of
editors and text formatting programs. vi and troff come with the
system. Emacs is in the ports system, runs without X and can be built
without X support to save memory. LaTeX is also in the ports
tree. Those are probably the two most popular editors and text
formatters. If that doesn't do what you want, possibly you should
describe what you're looking for that you expect to run on a console.

/usr/ports/editors is full of editors. /usr/ports/print/latex for

> spreadsheets

/usr/ports/math is the place to look. sc and ss should both work in a

> databases

Personally, I use PostgreSQL and the psql client - or sometimes python
with PyGreSQL, but I like my databases to be real. That's probably a
bit large for what you're looking for, but all the SQL servers have
clients that will run in a console. For single flat-file stuff, the
spreadsheets I've already mentioned are probably as good as you're
going to get.

What I don't think you'll find is something like Access, that lets you
do graphical database design with a single-user database underneath

Again, if you describe more accurately what you want, we can narrow
things down some. But you can look through the pkg-descr files in
/usr/ports/databases to get started.

> a few games

Look in /usr/ports/games. ATC is a great air traffic controller sim
that runs in the console. Doing "grep -i ascii */pkg-descr" in
/usr/ports/games turns up a half-dozen or so games.

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