E-mail Scam, Addressess being collected of mailing list ::Advice Requested

=?unknown-8bit?Q?S=EAr=EAciya_Kurdistan=EE?= sereciya at kurdistan.ath.cx
Sun Apr 13 10:28:37 PDT 2003


  I'm getting a lot of useful comments & suggestions on this topic, thank
  you all very very much, it's greatly appreciated by me, and hopefuly
  people that don't yet have this spam problem will understand the
  extent of it and be willing to contact their government representatives
  to take action against it, thank you! ;)

> And once... *once* in a thoughtless moment my address I only use for personal 
> use ended up here... few days later an address that have been perfectly 
> spamfree for *years* started receiving penisenlargement investment from horny 
> wet teenies through Nigerian Bank...
> *sigh*

  Lol... ;)) the way you say it is just so funny!  I hope those wet
  Nigerian Banker chicks don't harrass you anymore ;)

| Welat xwe ava nake, dest bidin hevdu, pist nedin tu dijminî  |
|   Riya azadiyê ne hêsan e, hêviya xwe bernedin, dema me      |
|     nêzîk e.                                                 |
|                                                              |
| Hevaltî bi kesên du rû nekin, hevaltî bi hevdu ra bikin      |
|   Ne ji hevaltiya wan kesên pêxwas û rû dirêj, ne bi wan     |
|     kesên xwînperest, ne jî ji yên din.                      |
|                                                              |
|                                   -$êrêciya Kurdistanî       |
  translation provided on request: sereciya at kurdistan.ath.cx

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