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=?unknown-8bit?Q?S=EAr=EAciya_Kurdistan=EE?= sereciya at kurdistan.ath.cx
Sun Apr 13 10:20:49 PDT 2003


> >  What further action can be taken?
> There are many things you can do.  You may not want to do all of them.
> 1) Install Spamassassin or similar
> 2) Continue to report and complain about junk mail (another good place to go
>    is spamcop.net ... makes reporting junkmail very easy)
> 3) Contact your local government representative and complain loudly
> 4) Configure your mail server to use RBL, or sign up with a mail service 
> that
>    does.
> 5) I had an idea for a "counter-scam" where I would get an email address for
>    my underage nephew.  I would set up his signature to clearly announce his
>    status as being underage ("I'm only 14 and I love FreeBSD" or something)
>    and assist him in posting to mailing lists.  Then I'd wait for some porn
>    site to spam him and sue them for everything I could get.  Any lawyers
>    out there that think this would work?
> >  All advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
> I hope what I said is helpful.

  Yes, very much so.  I greatly appreciate your advice and experience;
  I will be following up on the next number of actions, thank you ;)

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