Getting any jdk to work with latest freeBSDisimpossible?

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1050674360.31908e at
Sun Apr 13 06:59:23 PDT 2003

In <200304130500.h3D50ak14001 at>, Joachim Dagerot <freebsd at> typed:
> Regarding my JDK issue I simply installed the linux-base port and are
> right now running "make install" on ports/java/jdk13. I have never
> been this far in the JDK installation phase before... (peppar peppar
> as we say in my country).

Note that once you get jdk13 installed, you can delete the linux_base
port. If you want to upgrade jdk after that, you'll have to build the
jdk13 port with the NATIVE_BOOTSTRAP flag or reinstall the linux

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