Chrooting SSH

Daniela dgw at
Fri Apr 11 16:22:20 PDT 2003

On Friday 11 April 2003 23:37, Ian Barnes wrote:


> 2.)I also want to implement bandwidth management, please point me in the
> right direction to finding a good tutorial on how to do this.
> 3.)What firewall should i use ... IPFW or IPF ? Im not going to be doing
> NAT, just basic firewalling, but i need it to be secure. Which is the
> easist to learn etc.


> 6.)Checking how much data they have transferred so we can see if anyone is
> abusing it.

I would recommend IPFW for these three things. For bandwith management see the 
IPFW manpage (section "Dummynet").
To see the amount of transferred data, you can use count rules.


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