FreeBSD 5.0 kernel SMP

taxman taxman at
Wed Apr 9 19:40:53 PDT 2003

On Wednesday 09 April 2003 03:11 pm, Milton Taidi Sonoda wrote:
> Hi all
> I've tryed to recompile a kernel suitable to
> a double processor machine.
> I've done exactly what is writen in the
> chapter 9 of the handbook, using the
> "traditional" way.
> The "config" and "make depend" commands steps
> were fine. However the "make" didn't work.
> Do you have any sugestions how to proceed?

Try the new way.  That doesn't happen to be your problem, however.
also see:

on top of that, you've taken out 
> #device		scbus		# SCSI bus (required)
> #device		da		# Direct Access (disks)

which I are both required if you include USB items.  You've got to read 
carefully and not comment anything out of your config file that you don't 
understand.  Or if you want to experiment, take it out, keep track of it, and 
if it breaks put it back in.  Thats basic


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