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Wed Apr 9 15:24:51 PDT 2003

On Tuesday 08 April 2003 13:33, someone, possibly John Johnson, typed:
> Please I have tried downloading FreeBSD with different kinds of FTP
> clients but have been unable due to the slow, interrupted dial-up access
> here in Sierra Leone.
> Can somebody send us a copy of FreeBSD on CD whichever version we can use
> to install a Mail Server and we will pay the courier company here.


If you are willing to shell out a little cash for it, you can order the 
entire FreeBSD CD set (several versions) plus some extras, and a printed 
manual, from

Also, check your local book retail, in many cases, books about FreeBSD come 
with a recent FreeBSD CD-1 included.

Both these options will probably put you back around $50 US or so though.

Otherwise, I'd be more than willing to mail it to you, though I have little 
trust in our postage system here, so I'd have to send it through registered 
postage, which will probably cost $4 US or so. If you're interested, let me 
know, if you can transfer me the money for the postage, I'll burn a CD and 
send it along. Normally I'd just pay for the postage too, but our exchange 
rate is abit confused at the moment, so the $4 US looks rather ugly in 
South African Rand tems.

Let me know if I can help

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