Gimp Install Error (Fixed!!)

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Wed Apr 9 00:37:45 PDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 00:32, Dragoncrest wrote:
> 	Well, I finally got it installed.  But I had to go back to version 1.0, 
> which is totally fine with me.  It seems that any of the latest ports and 
> builds just don't work with the existing version of gettext or any of it's 
> variants.  Or if they do, it's a tenuous relationship.  Heck, I couldn't 
> even get Mozilla to run because of it.  So I went back to 1.2.1 with that 
> and it installed too.  So it's gotta be something with either the ports, 
> the install files, or gettext.  Not sure, but at this point, I don't 
> care.  They're installed, it works, I'm going to bed.  :)

Since they all work for me, and you're the only one to report any
problem, I presume this is something specific to your setup.  However,
since you're up and running, I guess it doesn't matter.


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