Fabio Miranda Hamburger fabmirha at ns.isi.ulatina.ac.cr
Tue Apr 8 12:06:06 PDT 2003

Hi, according to the documentation, the "apm" utility is "not well
supported" for freebsd.
It has been not supported for years.
so, When is going to be supported?
Why all the development of freebsd is based on /bin /sbin and kernel?
I feel like all developers are old unix guru that enjoy console system but
there are not abe to develop a modern and versatile system.
FreeBSD needs management, ppl that are NOT programmers and understand
users needs and focus the development.

If the developers prefer to "improve the version of su" they do that and
dont care about "window's world utility".
Mobile computing is the future!.

Fabio Andres Miranda
Ingenieria de sistemas informaticos
Universidad Latina - Costa Rica

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