Are old Proxim RangeLAN2 cards supported?

Gunther Schadow gunther at
Tue Apr 8 11:32:45 PDT 2003


I have a bunch of old Proxim RangeLAN2 cards (7200 and 7400) and
hoped they would be supported by FreeBSD by now. But no luck
from pccardd's database. I tried some wild guesses with pccardc
an the wi driver but in all cases I had simply a lock up. With
pccardc without parameters (just $ pccardc enabler 1 wi0) I get
a big kernel panic (division by zero, because all io and memory
numbers are zero.)

I peeked into the Windows driver configuration and saw the
parameters reported as io 280-28F, iomem d9000-d9fff and IRQ 7.
But this is not enough information for the pccardc enabler's -m
option (that also wants the card-side memory base address.)
When I try a wild guess anyway I notice that pccardc overrides
my -i 7 argument and uses IRQ 11.

Has anyone had any luck with those? Do I have a chance that it
might work if I can just figure out the parameters?


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