How to ignore arp error message

Joshua Lokken joshualokken at
Mon Apr 7 17:25:10 PDT 2003

* Dancho Penev (dpenev at wrote:
==> On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 07:14:24AM +1000, Carl Morley wrote:
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==> >Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 07:14:24 +1000
==> >Subject: How to ignore arp error message
==> >
==> >Hi,
==> >I have a server on a network which is inhabited by an Intel rack-mount
==> >box running Win2k.  The Intel server has got two of it's NIC's 'teamed'
==> >- the Intel redundant NIC method.  
==> >
==> >Problem is that to the FreeBSD box, it looks like the MAC address of
==> >that IP address keeps changing, so I get endless kernel messages like
==> >the ones below.  You can see the swap from 3a to 3b, and can probably
==> >guess the next in the sequence!  Yeah, back to 3a....
==> >
==> >arp: moved from 00:03:47:f1:b8:3b to 00:03:47:f1:b8:3a on
==> >fxp2
==> >arp: moved from 00:03:47:f1:b8:3a to 00:03:47:f1:b8:3b on
==> >fxp2
==> >
==> >1.  Does anyone know if my fellow admin (who looks after the Intel box)
==> >has configured incorrectly?  Or is this a symptom of all 'teamed' NIC's?
==> >2.  If nothing can be done on the Intel box, is it possible to ignore
==> >these messages?
==> # sysctl

Hmmm.  I get:

sysctl: unknown oid ''

PS: I also have this symptom, but was told I could safely ignore,
and have! 


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