FreeBSD Port/Distribution Installation

E. J. Cerejo ej.cerejo at
Mon Apr 7 15:58:02 PDT 2003

You need to configure XFfree86 before attepting to run it, run 
xf86config to configure and then stype startx.

Jud wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Apr 2003 23:00:52 +0800, Sukhbinder Singh 
> <sukhbinders at> wrote:
>> I downloaded the port, packages and the distributions that I needed.
>> However, I am unable to run these packages. Like for instances, I want to
>> run the X - Windows environment. I am unable to run it. I went to the
>> specific directory for example the XFree86 - 4 directory and typed 
>> "make &&
>> make install clean" at the command prompt but however I am unable to 
>> get the
>> X - windows environment running.
> If this means ppp is working for you now, that's certainly good news.
> What was the result of trying to build the XFree86-4 port?  Was there an 
> error message or not?  If there was no error, you will next need to 
> configure XFree86 for your system.  (By the way, 'make install clean' 
> will do what you want, without the need of the first 'make.')
> Jud
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