An odd networking problem

Robert Gallimore howlingrooster at
Sun Apr 6 22:34:33 PDT 2003


My wife and I share a cable modem connection. When I got into Unix, I
could only use the system while she was at work. We were using "Internet
connection sharing" through Windows, so of course she couldn't get on
the Internet if I was using FreeBSD. Anyway, FreeBSD would connect fine
to the Internet as long as my NIC card was directly wired to the cable
modem. Well then we got the bright idea of going to the computer store
and buying a router so she could connect while I was on FreeBSD. The
router worked - sort of. She can now connect while I am on FreeBSD, but
FreeBSD will not connect, even when I try to use DHCP and all. The
router does work when we are both using Windows, or when I am using
linux and she is using Windows. When I unplugged the router and plugged
my card into the cable modem, FreeBSD connected. I think I am missing a
setting or something. Everything is configured via DHCP. I am writing
this in the hope that someone would be willing to help me with this
aggravating problem. How do I get FreeBSD to deal with the fact that the
router hardware has been added to the network? I could sure use some
help as I have been at this for the last six months trying to figure it
out. Thank you!!!


p.s. Last night, while working on FreeBSD version 4.7, I set up my NIC
as usual, but lynx would not connect to any webpages!!! Argh!!!! Then,
my mouse stopped responding!!! I didn't mess with anything. Is this a
known problem with 4.7? Everything was plugged in and working fine and
then it all went to hell. I use a dell dimension 4300 Pentium 4, 256 MB
RAM NVIDIA Geforce  2 graphics card, a linksys LNE Ethernet card, and a
Belkin router.

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