FreeBSD Port/Distribution Installation

Sukhbinder Singh sukhbinders at
Sun Apr 6 21:14:25 PDT 2003

I have got my ppp.conf file ready. I copied the "default" that you gave me
in your mail. Then, I tried launching ppp. by typing ppp -ddial at the
command prompt. I got to the stage where one of the 3 ppp's the first "p"
turning into capital "P" that's it then the next line I got all the p's
again in lowercase. I do not know what is the problem here. my ppp.conf file
is the default that you mailed me. Any help will be helpful.


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> On Sat, Apr 05, 2003 at 05:44:20PM +0800, Sukhbinder Singh wrote:
> > what do I type at the place for "default:
> # or name_of_service_provider" in
> These are just names for your ppp to lookup what entries to pay attention
> to. If you fire ppp with the simple command "ppp" it will execute
> the entries after "default". On the other hand, if you want to
> execute another set of settings for ppp, you could put them
> after another name that you make up. So I could make active the
> settings after pppoe: by executing;
> # ppp -ddial -nat pppoe
> or
> # ppp -ddial -nat default
> would execute the settings after default:
> or if no name is given, like;
> # ppp -ddial
> then it goes to the settings under default:
> default: # or name_of_service_provider
>       set device PPPoE:rl0 # replace xl1 with your ethernet device
>       set mru 1492
>       set mtu 1492
>       set authname whatever
>       set authkey whatever
>       set log Phase tun command # you can add more detailed logging if you
>       set dial
>       set login
>       set ifaddr
>       add default HISADDR
>       nat enable yes # if you want to enable nat for your local net
> pppoe:
>   set device PPPoE:rl0
>   set mru 1492
>   set mtu 1492
>   set speed sync
>   enable lqr
>   disable vjcomp
>   set lqrperiod 5
>   set cd 5
>   set dial
>   set login
>   set timeout 0
>   set authname whatever
>   set authkey whatever
>   set ifaddr
>   add default HISADDR
> > my ppp.conf file. and also what do I type for the "set ifaddr" field in
> I would copy the one from my pppoe example above.
> > ppp.conf file. and where do I type the IP address for my ISP provider or
> > DNS for my ISP provider or the telephone number for my ISP. There has to
> For DSL there is no phone number. You just need your login and password.
> Providing you do -not- have a IP static address your box will
> find out what the IP address is during the negotiation.
> The details of your ppp connection are in /var/log/ppp.log
> You can monitor the connection with tail -f /var/log/ppp.log
> > a place where I need to type all this information or else how is the
> > modem is going to contact or connect with my ISP. Any help will be
> All the information goes in your ppp.conf, that is, your login and
> your password.

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