Using a different WORK folder for ports

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Sun Apr 6 13:13:01 PDT 2003

In <004001c2fc77$036a4880$e203a8c0 at macedon>, Bigbrother <bigbrother at> typed:
> I want to NFS export read-only the ports tree /usr/ports to different
> fbsd machines. When the clients try to build a port, the compilation
> fails because they cannot write to the ports tree. 
> Is there any hack that it could redirect the ./work folder of every port
> to be a local rw disk,
> like /usr/tmp/work ? Thus, patches and compilation would be redirected
> to a local hard disk. (This would increase also the compilation
> performance)

Set WRKDIRPREFIX in /etc/make.conf. See the ports(7) man page for more

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