paths - a newbie question

Jud judmarc at
Sat Apr 5 18:31:11 PST 2003

On Sat, 05 Apr 2003 12:10:30 -0500, Walter <walterk1 at> wrote:


> I guess I'm at the point,
> as another suggested, where I need to buy a book and start
> reading.

Michael Lucas and Greg Lehey, both of whom know their stuff and have been 
extremely helpful to many users (my words understate both knowledge and 
helpfulness), have recently had published or are about to have published, 
respectively, excellent books on FreeBSD.  Mr. Lucas' 'Absolute FreeBSD: 
The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD' was published not long ago, and the fourth 
edition of Mr. Lehey's 'The Complete FreeBSD' should be out in May AIUI.


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