paths - a newbie question

Walter walterk1 at
Sat Apr 5 09:10:32 PST 2003

>>Maybe someone could add a note on this to the
>>ports/packages section of the handbook??
> Already in there:
> It should be in the FAQ, also, although a quick search didn't turn up a
> section on rehash itself.  (The section above has a note that shows this
> applies to zsh as well as csh/tcsh.)
> Tellyawhat: why don't you see if you can find a section on rehash in the
> FAQ.  If you don't, submit a PR for it.
> -Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

I see it now under " Installing Ports from a CD-ROM"
- I skipped over that part because I do the over-the-internet
installs.  (And I had expected such a note to be in the
"Post-installation activities" section.)  My bad.  Sorry.
Rehash is noted in a New User tutorial, but I didn't know
enough to search for "rehash."  I guess I'm at the point,
as another suggested, where I need to buy a book and start


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