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> Quick OT question: how do you debug a sieve script?  I uploaded a very
> simple script to my server:
>     require "fileinto";
>     if header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES" {
>         fileinto "INBOX.spam";
>     } else {
>         fileinto "";
>     }
> and made it active.  Both of the mailboxes and
> user.kirk.spam(or and INBOX.spam as seen from the client)
> exist, but all mail keeps coming into INBOX.  Did I miss a
> "process_sieve_scripts = yes" flag somewhere?

Oops, didn't see this one. There are two ways to use sieve, one is
having a .sieve file in your home dir, the other is having sieve scripts
in /usr/sieve. There's a setting in imapd.conf to select which way sieve
scripts are handled, e.g. if you have lots of users but no real

The relevant bits:

sievedir: /var/imap/sieve
# If enabled, deliver wil look for Sieve scripts in user's home
# directories:# ~user/.sieve.
sieveusehomedir: true

Another thing, if you're using sieveshell you need to 1) upload script,
2) activate it, if you dont' activate it, it won't take effect. Perhaps
that's what's happening?

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