Sendmail + Cyrus + Procmail(?) + SpamAssassin

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Wed Apr 2 09:46:44 PST 2003

At 2003-04-02T08:45:08Z, Miguel Mendez <flynn at> writes:

> is a good starter, specially the provided
> samples. Have a look at them and you'll figure out most of the stuff.

Quick OT question: how do you debug a sieve script?  I uploaded a very
simple script to my server:

    require "fileinto";

    if header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES" {
        fileinto "INBOX.spam";
    } else {
        fileinto "";

and made it active.  Both of the mailboxes and user.kirk.spam
(or and INBOX.spam as seen from the client) exist, but all mail
keeps coming into INBOX.  Did I miss a "process_sieve_scripts = yes" flag
Kirk Strauser
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