Mod_perl nightmares

Brent Wiese brently at
Thu Apr 3 17:43:05 PST 2003

I have to believe I'm overlooking something simple here, but I'm pulling my
hair out over this...

I am running 4.5.

I have the latest ports list.

I have installed apache 1.3.27, mod_ssl, mod_php 4.3.1 and mod_perl 1.27.

Previously, it was running the same, minus mod_perl.

Php is fine. I can still happily access my mysql dbs and have fun with php.

However, I cannot get a perl prog to run to save my life.

I don't get any errors with this in my httpd.conf:
LoadModule perl_module        libexec/apache/
AddModule mod_perl.c

I tried the most basic httpd.conf additions from
When I hit the perl cgi w/ my browser, I get asked to download it. The logs
show a 200 success code.

Execute perms are on the script. All it does is the basic "hello world"

Here is what I added to httpd.conf, first in the specific virtualhost I
wanted to test this on, then globally, both producing the same results (this
is nearly word-for-word from the mod_perl site):

    Alias /perl/ /usr/local/www/data/maint/perl/
    PerlModule Apache::Registry
    <Location /perl/>
        SetHandler perl-script
        PerlHandler Apache::Registry
        Options +ExecCGI
        PerlSendHeader On
        allow from all

If I insert:
	PerlModule Apache::DBI
Which is ultimately what I need, even an "apachectl configtest" core dumps.
I installed Apache::DBI from CPAN. I suspect if/when I fix the first
problem, this one will work too, or at least be more obvious.

Any ideas? Any more info I can provide?


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