Burning DVDs

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Thu Apr 3 14:21:28 PST 2003

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, Bill Moran wrote:

> This discussion is getting off-topic for this list, I think.
> I'm redirecting to -questions, unless you feel your reply is
> relevent to 5, please remove the cc to -current if you reply
> (more below) ...
> From: "Scott Long" <scott_long at btc.adaptec.com>
> > 
> > The UDF support in 5.x is for reading only.  DVD data disks do not
> > require the UDF filesystem and can in fact work just fine with cd9660 or 
> > even UFS.  DVD video disks usually require UDF as dvd players don't
> > understand anything else, but editing and mastering a dvd video disk is
> > well beyond the scope of this and I would highly recommend using a Mac.
> For the record ... my only requirement at this time is to burn data DVDs
> that are compatible across multiple OSes (specifically, FreeBSD, Mac, and
> Windows).  From what I'm hearing, I can accomplish this with cd9660 fs.
> I wasn't aware of this ... I thought I needed UDF support for 4G filesystems,
> but that's all the more reason I'm glad I asked.
> > Burning some of the DVD formats requires special support, while others
> > can be burned just like a CD.  I thought that 4.x and 5.x were at the
> > same level for this support, but Soeren would have the definitive
> > answer.
> > 

the mkisofs port can make UDF images..
add teh -u (I think) option..
seems to work on MACs and Win machines that report the output to be
a UDF disk.

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