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Wed Apr 2 13:02:56 PST 2003

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 12:45:46PM -0600, Curt Grimley wrote:

> I only have dialup service, so seeing a copy of the "CVS Repository" on disk
> #2, I followed the instructions there to populate the cvs source
> directories... there were tar files that dropped in a lot of ",v" files. (No
> actual source apparently.)
> cvsup ran fine and source was brought in, but then I had multiple troubles
> with the build in that these ",v" files got in the way again and again.

The ,v files are the *CVS* Repository, the history of every change
ever made to FreeBSD source code (since 2.0).  The FreeBSD source code
can be extracted from them, but you don't build the ,v files directly.
cvsup will allow you to upgrade either your copy of the CVS
repository, or your copy of the source tree.  It sounds like you're
confused about that point.

If all you want is a copy of the source for the release you installed,
then that's on disc1 (you can choose to install it using sysinstall).
If you really want the CVS repository then put those files somewhere
(/home/ncvs is canonical) and then use cvs(1) to extract from them.

> (Or maybe you know of a document that explains these cvs mysteries - I can't
> seem to find one.)

You should probably read the cvsup FAQ on

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