I damaged a disklabel

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1049735567.49b33f at mired.org
Wed Apr 2 09:12:49 PST 2003

In <20030402023710.89568.qmail at web40910.mail.yahoo.com>, Eduardo Viruena <eduardo_viruena at yahoo.com> typed:
> I just blew the label of my disk.
> I do not know how I did it but you know that 
> we can make amazing things without even be aware
> of what we are doing.
> I have a paper on my desk where I write down 
> the sizes of my partitions.
> Is there a way of fixing it?

If you have the starting sector for each partition as well, you can
fix it. You need to use disklabel to set those two numbers. See the
disklabel man page for details.

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