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Tue Apr 1 15:09:45 PST 2003

In <200304011949.47089.fallenbr at>, Konrad Scorciapino <fallenbr at> typed:
> > It's probably a winprinter. You can use those on FreeBSD if there's a
> > driver for it for ghostscript. The ijs driver should support the
> > 656C. 
> There are 5 ghostscriptlike ports in /usr/ports/print:
> ghostscript-afpl-nox11, ghostscript-gnu-commfont, ghostscript-gnu, 
> ghostscript-afpl and ghostscript-gnu-nox11.

Whichever one you want. They should all work. you probably don't need
the x11 port, so one of the two -nox11 versions. One is licensed with
GNU, one with an open source license that permits commercial reuse if
you pay a licensing fee.

How did this -questions get dropped from this? I've put it back.


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