PHY drivers for Proliant ML370

James Long list at
Tue Apr 1 12:12:24 PST 2003

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 01:33:23PM +0200, bsd at wrote:
> I'd love to - I just don't have any 64-bit PCI NIC cards lying about :(  The 
> MoBo in this box has 5 or 6 PCI slots, but they are ALL 64-bit. 
> I also noticed another poster raised the same problem a few days ago using 
> 4.7.  Do you know of a specific patch to the bge driver which is in -STABLE, 
> or was this suggestion really just a best guess suggestion? 

No, I have actually encountered that same problem on an ML310 which has a bge
NIC and nothing but 64-bit PCI slots.  I didn't even realize that the Intel
NIC I had _was_ 64-bit, until I tried plugging in a 32-bit Adaptec 2940UW,
and realized I needed a 64-bit SCSI card.

Regarding your other idea of cvsupping a 4-STABLE /usr/src tree and moving
it over to the Proliant, that sounds like its worth a shot.  The only gotcha
is that sometimes Compaq doesn't go out of its way to support IDE hard disks
on SCSI servers.  If you have the ability to burn the /usr/src tree to an ISO
CD-R filesystem or burn a .tar file onto a CD-R treating it like an optical 
floppy, that might get you going.

Otherwise, include your mailing address, and perhaps a kind soul here on the
list can send you a 64-bit Intel card.

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