PHY drivers for Proliant ML370

bsd at bsd at
Tue Apr 1 03:52:44 PST 2003

David Landgren writes: 

> You might be able to get away by downloading just a bootable floppy, and 
> then switching to your kit?

OK - this is new territory for me. 

Can I boot off a 4.8 boot floppy and then start rebuild the box which still 
has a 4.6 world installed? 

Another thought - could I do this:
1) cvsup to 4.7-STABLE, or 4.8 on my PC
2) install a spare old HDD and tar the /usr/src tree onto that Disk
3) tranfer the spare HDD to the Proliant
4) tar from the spare HDD to the /usr/src tree on the Proliant
5) make (world and kernel, blah-blah) 

Then let the games begin... 

Any advice would be appreciated. 


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