Lyx 1.3.0

John Murphy jfm at
Tue Apr 1 11:19:15 PST 2003

Eduardo Viruena Silva <mrspock at> wrote:

>On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, John Murphy wrote:
>>Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 01:32:27 +0100
>>From: John Murphy <jfm at>
>>To: Eduardo Viruena Silva <mrspock at>
>>Cc: questions at FreeBSD.ORG
>>Subject: Re: Lyx 1.3.0
>>Eduardo Viruena Silva <mrspock at> wrote:
>>>I have successfully compiled Lyx 1.3.0 from the ports.
>>>It was not simple, I had to cvs-update my ports, and I had
>>>to compile qt-3.1.1_4 and kde 3.1.
>>That sounds more like KLyx.  Neither qt or kde are listed in the
>>requirements for Lyx.
>Perhaps I was not clear.

No, you were quite clear but my answer was too terse to be useful.

>This is not my problem.

I think it is related.

>The problem is that I cannot display formulae in the
>working window.  I think there is a missing font that
>helps to display them.

Lyx 1.3 compiles and installs from ports just fine and displays
formulae in the working window beautifully.

You may indeed have missing fonts.  I would presume that the
installation went wrong somehow.  The fact that you "had to
compile qt-3.1.1_4 and kde 3.1" would seem to confirm this, as
neither are required dependencies.  At what stage did you cvsup?


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