Which Processor and motherboard is better (new to FreeBSD)

David Landgren david at landgren.net
Tue Apr 1 08:27:10 PST 2003

Paredes Sánchez Martín A. wrote:
> I found in the intel web site that the Hyper-Threading has this
> requirements:
> Hyper-Threading Technology requires a computer system with an
> Intel Pentium 4 processor at 3.06 GHz or higher, a chipset and BIOS
> that utilize this technology, and an operating system that includes
> optimizations for this technology.
> By the way, what is PAE?

PAE eq Page Address Extensions. It allows for 36-bit addressing, which 
thus lets a 32-bit computer get past the 4Gb addressing limit. They have 
been around on Intel archictecture for ages in some form or other. I 
first read about them in DDJ. A search on their website turns up


It's also the thing that Linus Torvalds blasted a while back.


Microsoft seem to be fairly gung-ho about it, searching on Goggle for 
"PAE Intel Page Address Extensions" brings up lots of links into their site.


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