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Tue Apr 26 13:39:16 UTC 2016

On 25/04/2016 20:54, Ben Woods wrote:
> On 24 April 2016 at 04:31, Shane Ambler <FreeBSD at> wrote:
>> On 23/04/2016 17:16, Ben Woods wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> Does anyone know why PYDISTUTILS_INSTALLNOSINGLE is marked as deprecated?
>>> It is still used by 9 ports...
>>> I am working on an update to multimedia/quodlibet in PR208988, and it
>>> gives
>>> the warning "PYDISTUTILS_INSTALLNOSINGLE is deprecated, please do not use
>>> it anymore". However, if I remove that line from the Makefile, the build
>>> fails with "error: option  --single-version-externally-managednot
>>> recognized".
>>> --single-version-externally-managed is added by USES=python if you dont
>>> set

> In fact, I think it may be that the that comes bundled with the
> multimedia/quodlibet software does not support
> --single-version-externally-managed and therefore requires

Just had a look at the new version and the issue comes from using gdist
for distclass

If you remove 'distclass': GDistribution, from setup_kwargs then you no
longer get the error, but you get other warnings from distclass related

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