pkg-fallout: License not correctly defined: defining both LICENSE_FILE and LICENSE_TEXT is not allowed

Christoph Moench-Tegeder cmt at
Fri May 14 22:15:45 UTC 2021

## Chris (portmaster at

> The problem I'm addressing in this case; is that the following as
> *always* worked for licenses which carried a copy in

The problem you're trying to address is only a consecutive error and
not the real problem.
As I wrote in my first reply:
: Foremost, that Makefile has an .include, and that's where the mess
: (for this use case) happens.

An .include includes the given file at that point (duh), and in this
case that's kde-icons-noia/Makefile.icons, which overwrites your
LICENSE variables (and brings in LICENSE_TEXT). And, as stated before:
that cannot be your intention (and including kde-icons-noia/Makefile.icons
only makes sense in a very limited number of ports if at all). And you
can (and should, in case of doubt or problems) double-check your
variables by running e.g.  "make -V LICENSE" in the port's directory
(or "make -C <dir> -V <var>", yadda yadda, make(1), etc).

> > you're not allowed to just put another license on that port.
> I'm not. It's a verbatim LGPL3 port && license as reported
> within the port' source. :-)

: cmt: x11-themes/kde-icons-nuovext2$ make -V LICENSE
: theme

That's not LGPL3.


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