FreeBSD Palemoon branding violation

Andreas Andersson a.andersson.thn at
Wed Feb 7 14:37:57 UTC 2018

So, moonchild (that's his actual name (or tilltalsnamn in swedish) ) might
own the trademark. But atleast Swedish trademark laws
grants usage to other parties as long as "other parties" does not make
money off of the name or the product. For him to actually enforce this it
has to be registered by the swedish PRV and subsequently
worldwide  by wipo. I've looked through PRVs database and nor does a search
on his name, full name or the variations of pale moon turn up any results
in a search.

Not saying we should keep this in ports tree and keep using the name. Just
stating that there is nothing he could do about it unless he registers the
trademark and get's it registered (varumärkesskyddat in swedish.).

The reaction to the repo in question is also very weird to me, and possibly
what worries me the most. He is hurting his own trademarked (heh) product
by doing this.

2018-02-07 10:28 GMT+01:00 Kurt Jaeger <lists at>:

> Hi!
> > > After your recent harassment of OpenBSD
> > > ( I decided to
> > > investigate our own packaging of Palemoon. As expected, we are also
> > > building against system libraries. You can review our build log
> > > here:
> >
> > Huh. I would have nuked the port after about the 5th post in that
> > thread.
> While I'm also surprised about the interpretation of the open
> source spirit, I'm also a very satisfied palemoon user right now,
> after the latest firefox changes. So I'm happy that we try to
> keep palemoon, even if we call it newmoon 8-}
> If there's something I can do to help (test etc), I'll try...
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> go !
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