How about just perl? Re: poudriere + host src.conf WITHOUT_GSSAPI WITHOUT_KERBEROS fails now

Russell L. Carter rcarter at
Tue Feb 6 23:16:31 UTC 2018

On 02/04/18 11:14, Russell L. Carter wrote:
> Greetings,
> Recently, within the last month, my poudriere builds have been failing
> to build ports that interact with the host system's /etc/src.conf
> settings of WITHOUT_GSSAPI=yes and WITHOUT_KERBEROS=yes.  I've had all
> but chromium working for several years, and chromium had been working
> for at least 6 months, due to hard work on the part of the port
> maintainer. (Thank you! chromium is a beast, I really appreciate the
> effort.)
> Now ports that depend on perl (default 5.24) fail because they now
> depend on security/p5-GSSAPI which fails in poudriere like this:
> [00:00:29] [01] [00:00:01] Finished security/p5-GSSAPI |
> p5-GSSAPI-0.28_1: Ignored: You are using OpenSSL from ports and have
> selected GSSAPI from base, please select another GSSAPI value
> and chromium fails with the very familiar problem from before that it
> can't find the system gssapi headers (because there aren't any in the
> installed host system, which is installed into the jail).
> I've noodled my way through most of the ports build system and I don't
> see an obvious fix or change that I should make.  In particular, for
> perl, I don't see any option to turn kerberos support off.  Is this a
> bug, or have I missed something?
> Many thanks,
> Russell

This is 10-Stable as of today for both host and jail.  The ports tree
was updated as well.

I would like to disable GSSAPI for the default perl 5.24 port.  Quite
a bit of googling has turned up this thread:

The thread suggests to add:


to /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/make.conf

Unfortunately a bulk poudriere run fails with:

Finished security/p5-GSSAPI | p5-GSSAPI-0.28_1: Failed: check-sanity

The option GSSAPI_NONE is defined in Uses/, but I don't see
it referenced for any use.

Any ideas?

This worked for years w/o any customization required at all, and I'm
pretty certain that I haven't touched my sys build automation


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