poudriere + host src.conf WITHOUT_GSSAPI WITHOUT_KERBEROS fails now

Russell L. Carter rcarter at pinyon.org
Sun Feb 4 18:24:29 UTC 2018


Recently, within the last month, my poudriere builds have been failing
to build ports that interact with the host system's /etc/src.conf
settings of WITHOUT_GSSAPI=yes and WITHOUT_KERBEROS=yes.  I've had all
but chromium working for several years, and chromium had been working
for at least 6 months, due to hard work on the part of the port
maintainer. (Thank you! chromium is a beast, I really appreciate the

Now ports that depend on perl (default 5.24) fail because they now
depend on security/p5-GSSAPI which fails in poudriere like this:

[00:00:29] [01] [00:00:01] Finished security/p5-GSSAPI |
p5-GSSAPI-0.28_1: Ignored: You are using OpenSSL from ports and have
selected GSSAPI from base, please select another GSSAPI value

and chromium fails with the very familiar problem from before that it
can't find the system gssapi headers (because there aren't any in the
installed host system, which is installed into the jail).

I've noodled my way through most of the ports build system and I don't
see an obvious fix or change that I should make.  In particular, for
perl, I don't see any option to turn kerberos support off.  Is this a
bug, or have I missed something?

Many thanks,

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