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Quoting Stefan Esser <se at freebsd.org> (from Wed, 27 Sep 2017 14:35:24 +0200):

> Am 26.09.17 um 16:05 schrieb Mathieu Arnold:
>> Hi,
>> **Do not commit FLAVORS to any ports, a hook will prevent it, that being
>> said, do try it and test what can be done.**
>> To test this feature in poudriere, you need
>> poudriere-devel- or later.
>> This has been a long awaiting feature, most of the work has been done by
>> bapt, bdrewery and antoine, I am just the one actually doing the
>> announce and commit and all.
>> All this information, and more to come are in the first link to our wiki
>> in the bottom block. A roadmap is in the second link.
>> To define a different flavors in a port, before any include, set:
>> FLAVORS=  flavor1 flavor2 [...]
>> The first flavor in the list will be the default.
> One question regarding the naming of packages:
> The default flavour should probably(?) lead to a package with the same
> name as created without flavours.

This implies either an implicit default flavor-name, or stripping of  
the flavor-name in the package-name if it is the first listed flavor.

And if a flavor-ised port gets a different name, shouldn't we  
standardize on the name of the default-flavor (which makes it obsolete  
to list in FLAVORS then)?


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