libimobiledevice, ssl and "Failed to connect to lockdownd service on the device"

Karli Sjöberg karli at
Fri Sep 22 06:01:05 UTC 2017

On ons, 2017-09-20 at 13:53 -0400, Steve wrote:
>  > I'm trying to mount my iPhone (SE) with fuse to copy all photos
>  > and videos to my FreeBSD machine. Installed sysutils/fusefs-ifuse
>  > and started usbmuxd (when the phone is unlocked, as instructed).
> All
>  > daemons run as expected etc., but running "ifuse -o allow_other
>  > /mnt/iphone" results in an error:
>  > "Failed to connect to lockdownd service on the device".
>  > After some searching it seems that libimobiledevice should be
> build
>  > with OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS. But in the ports this is not a
>  > buildoption.
>  > So is it possible to build libimobiledevice with OpenSSL? Or does
>  > anyone know if there is something else going on?

I know a lot of people are hit by this, it even prompted my mom to
switch to a Nexus phone, that´s how disregarded this is :) Not that I´m


> The version of libimobiledevice in ports (1.2.0) is a couple of
> years old. The upstream project has done a lot of work on it in
> the interim but for some reason has not released a new official
> version. If you want to use it with any recent version of iOS,
> your best bet is probably to grab the development sources from
> github and build it (and its prereqs) from them.
> When I did this a few months ago, it required a bit of tweaking.
> If you're interested, I could collate my notes and send them
> to you.
> I found the new version to be much better behaved than 1.2.0
> although transfers of large numbers of photos would still lock
> up at times. I found that the reliability improved considerably
> if I ran idevicesyslog in another window and let it spew the
> constant stream of syslog noise from the phone. I have no idea
> what the deal is with that but if someone can explain it, I'd
> love to know of a better solution.
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