libimobiledevice, ssl and "Failed to connect to lockdownd service on the device"

Steve swp0331 at
Wed Sep 20 18:08:03 UTC 2017

 > I'm trying to mount my iPhone (SE) with fuse to copy all photos
 > and videos to my FreeBSD machine. Installed sysutils/fusefs-ifuse
 > and started usbmuxd (when the phone is unlocked, as instructed). All
 > daemons run as expected etc., but running "ifuse -o allow_other
 > /mnt/iphone" results in an error:
 > "Failed to connect to lockdownd service on the device".

 > After some searching it seems that libimobiledevice should be build
 > with OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS. But in the ports this is not a
 > buildoption.

 > So is it possible to build libimobiledevice with OpenSSL? Or does
 > anyone know if there is something else going on?

The version of libimobiledevice in ports (1.2.0) is a couple of
years old. The upstream project has done a lot of work on it in
the interim but for some reason has not released a new official
version. If you want to use it with any recent version of iOS,
your best bet is probably to grab the development sources from
github and build it (and its prereqs) from them.

When I did this a few months ago, it required a bit of tweaking.
If you're interested, I could collate my notes and send them
to you.

I found the new version to be much better behaved than 1.2.0
although transfers of large numbers of photos would still lock
up at times. I found that the reliability improved considerably
if I ran idevicesyslog in another window and let it spew the
constant stream of syslog noise from the phone. I have no idea
what the deal is with that but if someone can explain it, I'd
love to know of a better solution.

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