synth install ... builds but does not always install named packages

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Sat Sep 16 08:35:17 UTC 2017

> On 16 September 2017 at 09:01, Thomas Mueller <mueller6722 at> wrote:
> > Some of the packages not installed are widespread build dependencies, such as nasm, and are better installed than rebuilt or temporarily reinstalled every time.
> synth doesn't rebuild build-dependencies if it isn't required. It
> stores the dependancies as a packages in the local package repository
> and unpacks it for each build. In fact, there is no need to install
> build dependancies on your local system, as it will *never* get used
> by synth, as synth uses a clean chroot'd environment for all its
> builds.
> [...]
> > And then it was irritating when some specifically named packages were not installed (math/gnumeric, editors/abiword-docs, mail/metamail, for instance).

> I would check:
>  1. did the packages get built, and are present in the local package repository.
>  2. what sort of error messages you are getting from just a "pkg
> install ${package}" from the local package repo.

> Cheers.

> Jonathan Chen <jonc at>

Those packages that were built but not installed appeared in /var/synth/live-packages/All , otherwise I would not have complained about failure to install.

I didn't "pkg install ${package}" from local package repo, I installed some by rerunning "synth install category/package" (using actual category/package names).

I see also that graphics/epdfview built but didn't install, don't remember if I named this port, but would like to install it now.  Maybe also graphics/evince.

I still want to install build dependencies, or at least some of them, to be able to cross-compile Haiku and Linux toolchains (such as buildroot, OpenWRT, crosstool-ng, Pengutronix ptxdist and Cross Linux Fom Scratch).

Their advice about host build system requirements guides me on what I need to be installed, since this is out of synth territory, out of FreeBSD ports territory.


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