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Fri Sep 15 12:12:45 UTC 2017

I've been seeing -- and have reported, to no avail -- the same
behavior under XP at least since v43.  FF gradually consumes all
available memory and crashes.  Killing the job before the crash
and restarting has the same effect you cite:  memory use goes
back to a reasonable number before again creeping upwards.

The FF dev team is still putting all their time and energy into
the new process-per-tab version, afaik.

[Default] On Fri, 15 Sep 2017 13:35:51 +0200, Andrea Venturoli
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>I'm on 10.3/amd64 with firefox-esr 52.3.0.
>Since a few days my 4GiB desktop is crawling due to swap usage and 
>looking at top, I see FireFox using almost 7GiB of RAM (SIZE column), 
>2.5 of which are "RES".
>I don't think this is normal, since I'm not doing anything fancy (i.e. 
>running webapps or opening tenth of windows/tabs).
>I've been using FF for several years and, while I recognize it's 
>constantly getting slower, more bloated and more resource hungry, I find 
>it hard to believe such a sudden rise in memory usage might be normal.
>One suspect I have is some kind of memory leak, since closing FF and 
>reopening the same sites I had opened before will drop the RAM usage to 
>under 1GiB.
>I'm lost at what to look at... I don't even know if it's an upstream or 
>FreeBSD problem.
>I start by asking if anyone else is seeing this and/or if anything in 
>the way it is ported or in its dependencies could be the cause of this.
>  bye & Thanks
>	av.
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