Issues between openmp and llvm

Shane Ambler FreeBSD at ShaneWare.Biz
Wed Sep 13 11:05:09 UTC 2017

I am testing an update to graphics/blender and seeing if I can use
devel/openmp as a dependency to prevent forcing the choice of compiler.

This works fine when openmp is pre-installed but fails if llvm[40|devel]
is installed before checking if libomp exists.

As the copy of installed by llvm is found, devel/openmp does
not get installed.

 > ... - found (/usr/local/llvm-devel/lib/

The issue is that the build then fails because cc/ld is looking for
openmp files in /usr/local where they should be installed.

This can fail on the host system as well as in poudriere. In poudriere
it only fails if blenders CYCLESOSL option is enabled which now installs
llvm40 before checking for

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Shane Ambler

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