www/bluefish builds but fails to install

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Fri Sep 1 17:26:20 UTC 2017

On 01/09/2017 18:06, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Something is broken here. I checked two systems: one built from ports
> and one using packages. In both cases, all of those files are present,
> but neither had those files on the package DB:

Thanks for looking at this. Do you think it's my system that is broken,
or the port?

Not sure if it's relevant, but after the failure with the port, I tried
to compile from source in $HOME/tmp. Configure finishes without error
but make fails with the following:

$ make
Making all in data
Making all in bflang
Making all in bflib
Making all in templates
Making all in desktop-data
make[1]: don't know how to make bluefish.appdata.xml. Stop

make[1]: stopped in /storage/home/john/tmp/bluefish-2.2.10/desktop-data
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /storage/home/john/tmp/bluefish-2.2.10


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