New pkg audit FNs

Roger Marquis marquis at
Mon Oct 9 16:00:07 UTC 2017

Can anyone say what mechanisms the ports-security team might have in
place to monitor CVEs and port software versions?

The reason I ask is CVE-2017-12617 was announced almost a week ago yet
there's no mention of it in the vulnerability database  The tomcat8
port's Makefile also still points to the older, vulnerable version.
Tomcat is one of those popular, internet-facing applications that sites
need to check and/or update quickly when CVEs are released and most
admins probably don't expect "pkg audit" to throw false negatives.

Tomcat is just one of many apps, however, so concern regarding the
validity of FreeBSD's vulnerability database is larger than this CVE.
We are concerned about update processes and procedures, especially
considering how this topic has come up in the past (for different apps).

Roger Marquis

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