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Alexander Leidinger Alexander at leidinger.net
Thu Oct 5 08:30:10 UTC 2017

Quoting Adam Weinberger <adamw at adamw.org> (from Wed, 4 Oct 2017  
19:14:22 -0600):

> Portmaster is still very much a part of the current landscape, and  
> if somebody steps in to fix it (which I have every expectation will  
> happen eventually), it will continue being a usable alternative.

It would help to have a list of broken items in portmaster.
I'm aware of the broken package support (can't create packages / can't  
use existing packages).

Flavour/subpackages support? It would be nice to have a description  
how it is supposed to work (how to identify the flavour in the package  
name / port, how to detect subpackages in the package name / port, how  
to create a subpackage from a port, how to create a specific flavour  
from the port).

What else?

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