portmaster, portupgrade, etc

Franco Fichtner franco at lastsummer.de
Thu Oct 5 07:58:53 UTC 2017

> On 5. Oct 2017, at 9:47 AM, Eugene Grosbein <eugen at grosbein.net> wrote:
> On 05.10.2017 08:14, Adam Weinberger wrote:
>> Poudriere wants to be everything to everybody
> First poudriere will have to learn how to run without noticeable overhead
> compared to "just build from ports" before it could became "everything to everybody"
> and it needs to became part of base system for that purpose.

For OPNsense we broke down the poudriere approach into a simple
equivalent that is capable of building inside a jail, resume
after a faulty build and wrap everything into a ready to use
(pkg-repo creation and signing) archive that can be moved to
a remote location and unpacked to be used as an online package
repo, but it would also work on a singular system.


In case someone feels the need to know this before starting from
scratch trying to build something simple.  It does not support
clever multi-threading, but then again it would work as anyone
would use the ports tree manually and runs well in a headless
mode setting via cron for nightly rebuild fun.


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