Status of portupgrade and portmaster?

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Sun Oct 1 09:51:49 UTC 2017

On 30/09/2017 18:06, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> John did state that he would continue to support synth. I can't say if he
> has continued to make contributions. In any case, only poudriere is
> available for maintaining ports in HEAD and I, for one, feel that it is
> simply unacceptable as it make FreeBSD unusable for those of us with only
> "small" systems where the weight poudriere simply can't be justified. (I
> have no system with other than SATA disk drives and, for my current needs,
> 1 TB of SATA on my development system and .5TB on my production system is
> adequate. Both systems are physically constrained in expansion capability,
> though otherwise easily meet my requirements.

I don't know what it is about poudriere that elicits this immediate
reaction that it is some sort of behemoth, trampling through disks by
the bushel, shouldering aside other processes to seize the best bits of
RAM and making CPUs cry with incessant demands for more cycles.

It's simply not so.

poudriere is really a very thin layer of shell scripts (and a few other
bits) over the general ports make system.  All of the really heavy
lifting is done by the compilers and so forth /that you'ld have to
invoke anyhow/.

In fact, I'd say that if your system is /at all/ capable of building the
ports you want, then it is perfectly capable of running poudriere to
help automate that.

Yes, the pkg builders used by the project are pretty chunky bits of kit.
 That's because they are building some 30,000 ports for about 8
different combinations of OS and CPU architecture with a cycle time of
less than two days.

If you're just building a few hundred ports for your own consumption,
then you don't need anything like that amount of resource.  I manage
perfectly well with a 6-year old Core2Duo with 8GB RAM and some 500GB
SSDs which cost me under £500 originally + about £200 for replacement
drives later on.  Which also runs a bunch of other stuff including my
mail system.



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