Status of portupgrade and portmaster?

Vlad K. vlad-fbsd at
Sun Oct 1 10:26:37 UTC 2017

On 2017-10-01 11:51, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> poudriere is really a very thin layer of shell scripts (and a few other
> bits) over the general ports make system.  All of the really heavy
> lifting is done by the compilers and so forth /that you'ld have to
> invoke anyhow/.

There is one tiny problem that users see often and that's the rebuilding 
of all reverse deps for any port that changed, which can result with 
frequent rebuilds of tens or hundreds of packages. But -- that's only a 
good thing. I've never had issues with eg. perl upgrades that portmaster 
users seem to have often.

However, CCACHE is very effective in this situation. As an example 
CCACHE reduces building of Firefox from ~45 minutes down to 3-4 minutes, 
in my case.

Another problem is poudriere's inability to reuse already installed 
packages, if they're a dependency for something being built by it. 
Personally I'd never use that option, as I want clean, isolated rebuilds 
of everything affected, but I can understand how quick building of one 
or two packages could use already installed deps, if people wanted that 
(and break any promise of integrity facilitated with isolated builds).

I'll also second the opinion -- if you're building from ports on a 
machine anyway, poudriere does not in any way require any more resources 
except to store produced packages and ccache files, which is not much.

Vlad K.

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