usage of "poudriere bulk -c ...."

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Sat May 27 17:12:32 UTC 2017

El día sábado, mayo 27, 2017 a las 09:13:47a. m. -0600, Adam Weinberger escribió:

> -c won't do what you want because it just removes the packages prior to rebuilding them again, though if you kill poudriere right after it deletes the old packages you're okay. In that case, you can try using -C instead, which removes just the packages specified. So "-C -f poudriere-list" will remove all the packages in poudriere-list, but not any of their dependencies. Just remember to CTRL-c it before it rebuilds them!
> ...

Thanks for he explanation. I have in the (ZFS-) file system for

root at jet:/usr/local/poudriere/data # du -sh packages/* logs/bulk/*
6.4G    packages/freebsd-r314251-ports-20170304
4.6G    packages/freebsd-r314251-ports-20170519
1.4G    logs/bulk/freebsd-r314251-ports-20170304
1.3G    logs/bulk/freebsd-r314251-ports-20170519
 18M    logs/bulk/latest-per-pkg

so I will just wipe with rm(1) these two:


and start building within the new created jail freebsd-r318593 the ports tree
ports-20170519 later on; any comments on this?



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