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Jim Ohlstein jim at
Tue May 23 15:27:00 UTC 2017


On 05/23/2017 11:15 AM, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 2017/05/23 15:58, Jim Ohlstein wrote:
>> On 05/23/2017 10:54 AM, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>>> On 2017/05/23 15:38, Michael L. Wilson wrote:
>>>> Now, I do happen to know what filters/rclpdf is and what it does. But in
>>>> this case I am not sure what make is asking for or how to proceed to
>>>> step. I could potentially accomplish this with some walk through.
>>> filters/rclpdf is a run- or build- depends of deskutils/recoll that the
>>> ports wants to install during the build process.  It seem you don't have
>>> a full ports tree where you're testing your updated port.
>>> One way around this is to run 'make missing' or 'make missing-packages'
>>> from the deskutils/recoll port directory, and install any of the
>>> packages listed there.
>> I thought that at first, but I don't have any port by that name.
> True.  I had that awful moment of realization that there isn't a ports
> category called 'filters' pretty much just as soon as I pressed 'send'.
> This will be a file the port expects to find under ${WRKDIR} in order to
> apply a SHEBANG fix to it.  Looks like that file no-longer exists in the
> sources of the latest version of recoll, so you can just edit the
> SHEBANG_FILES setting in the ports Makefile to work around the problem.
> If that file is now auto-generated, you'll need to check that it doesn't
> need the same sort of fix once it has been generated.  Otherwise, if the
> file has simply been removed from the port entirely you'll need to
> adjust the pkg-plist.
> This doesn't look like an entirely simple update: might not be such a
> good 'my first port' candidate...

Mea culpa...

Jim Ohlstein
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